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You will be hearing and seeing much more about the powerful technologies being developed by Sensible Ventures. This site is one off hundreds that have been created by our engineers and partners to explore the technologies that will shape the future. Our mission was to explore sensible solutions and use sensible engineerinjg to make useful products that will make a difference. This could be our seeing aid technology, our solar transfer solution, or any our many imaging solutions. We seek to answer questions, to solve problems, and put our innovation to good use.

Here are some other products and domain names currently under development.

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The New Freedom Project, Manhattan 2
A startup company created by a retired engineer has set out on a mission to put technology research, and the inventive minds of his developers to good use. The results parallel, and in many cases exceed that of even the largest companies in the world. The power of the technologies this small group of engineers, programmers, and visionaries have come up with will play a major part in the future of many industries and new markets. This site is just one of many this company, or one of their partner companies has been working on.

People all over the world are calling for new ideas to solve the pressing issues facing the globe. At Sensible Ventures we agree with this call for new ideas and we took it upon ourselves to create a program to bring some of the brightest minds together to invent the future. Whether its solutions to global warming, reducing accidents in motor vehicles, or helping millions explore our world like never before, you will likely find something of critical importance at this site or one of our other sites.

Common sense is the foundation for our work. Hi-technology is just one tool that we use to solve some of the problems we face. An ability to envision technologies and the benefits and future uses of those technologies, have us working on products 5-10 years ahead of anyone else. It is now time to bring in some of those larger companies to team up and facilitate the implementation of the solutions we propose.

If you or your company feel your products or workforce could be helpful to our important work please contact us at Join in on a project that seeks solutions to energy, health, safety, and exploration. The New Freedom Project!

Mitch Govansky


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